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You create your own reality... and crystals are our friends along the way! 


Learning to use the powerful energetic vibrations of crystals to super charge your manifesting goals has never been easier.


This magical eBook Journal is lovingly divided into daily journal prompts, exercises and step by step crystal grids.


What you'll receive:
This eBook is delivered in full color PDF file format and is easily printable or viewed on a computer, tablet or phone.


Each crystal grid template provided in the back of the eBook is a lovely full page size making it easy to start creating and manifesting your hearts desires!


The crystal grid templates are black and white.


Each page documenting the recommended crystal combinations for specific manifesting goals are in full color. This makes it easy to learn how to identify different crystals and their awesome uses!


Book length: 118 pages


About the author:
Jamie Golob is a Reiki master and clairaudient. She uses her unique experiences to help educate others about the use of crystals, manifestation and other holistic approaches to health. 

Crystal Manifesting Journal eBook

    Reiki master and clairaudient Jamie Golob official site offers online courses, crystal intuitive cards, Reiki cards, learn how to create crystal grids, learn how to manifest your desires. learn how to use crystals, guide to identify crystals, chakra guide and much more!
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