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You create your own reality through mindful meditation and the use of healing crystals! This magical Journal is lovingly divided into journal prompts, exercises, and step-by-step crystal grids.


Learn to use the powerful energetic vibrations of crystals to supercharge your manifesting goals and to make your dreams a reality. Whether you are new to the world of crystals and manifesting or you're a seasoned energetic healer, this journal is a wonderfully functional tool created to assist in creating, nurturing, and manifesting one's deepest desires and goals. This journal is unique in that it pairs methods of manifestation with the use of healing crystals and sacred geometry. Weekly themed introductions to specific crystals give the opportunity to put your favorite prismatic friends to work.. and offer stone selections to assist in growing your collection!

If you've never used crystal grids... here's your chance to learn how!

This journal includes:

  • An introduction course to crystals and their healing properties
  • A guided manifestation journal
  • Positives weekly quotes and affirmations
  • Weekly space to write your own personal affirmations
  • Full-size crystal grids based on sacred geometry ready to use
  • A progress tracker for your manifestations


Learn to Manifest With Crystals: Make Your Dreams A Reality

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